We have had such fun with all things “colour” this week. We had the best time playing a “Kies die Kleure” game and a “Kleur by Nommer” activity in Afrikaans.


We started our Penguin investigation and learnt where different penguins live in the world. It was so interesting to do one of our first cooperative group activities as we coloured in all the continents of the world.



This week the boys and girls had some real hands-on fun with their groups as they created patterns with anything they could find in the classroom. This was such a blast!


As this week was E-Colour’s week, we had a blast playing a game where listening to one another really is the only answer. Each group was given a towel to stand on, and they had to try turn the towel over without anyone stepping off of the towel. The point of the game was to have fun and strengthen relationships within the group. Afterwards we debriefed and discussed the positive, and potential negative and tricky aspects of working with others.



What a week, what a grade! We are absolutely loving the Grade 2s of 2018.

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