Ask just about any adult who loves to read where their love for reading was birthed and they will tell you that a signifiant adult in their life, often a parent or teacher, use to read to them. So often these stories would be accompanied by fond memories of the cracking of the spine of a book or the smell of the musty pages whilst listening to someone who took the time to build a relationship with them.


Reading out is loud is about more than just growing the mental capacity of our young learners, it is also about the symphony of emotions, sensory pleasures and fond memories that are created when we take the time to read to them, and in so doing, affirm that they are worthy of our time and effort.


In keeping with International Read Aloud Day, students and teachers alike were given the opportunity to read aloud to each other. The Grade 7s, who are by now lovers of reading, eagerly took to this as they ventured into reading John Maxwell’s ‘Failing Forward’. This sparked great discussions as the students committed to venturing forward on a path that does not avoid mistakes, but turns mistakes into stepping stones towards success. This was followed by an opportunity to reflect and journal on the impact of these profound words.

All this…while building relationships. What more can one ask for?





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