Last week Wednesday, our Grade Ones got to meet their Grade Seven Hoofie Leader for the very first time. There was both anticipation and excitement in the air as the leader came to collect their energetic Grade One.

IMG_8195 IMG_8214

The idea of Hoofies is that every child is part of a special family, and every family includes a child from each grade. They meet every second week with their Hoofie Family and it is a time of fun, connection and discussion. The Hoofie Families are another way for each child to feel a sense of love and belonging, as they remain in the same family for the time that they are at Sun Valley. When these Grade Ones get to Grade Seven, they will become the leaders of their Hoofie group.



As the meeting began, the Grade Ones relaxed instantly as the Grade Sevens met them with such love, care and enthusiasm. Within minutes they were all playing games and deep in discussion as they got to know one another. To end off the meeting the Grade Seven’s took their Grade Ones on a Walk-it Circuit. Hoofies is a wonderful concept and we know our Grade Ones love their Hoofie Leaders and are looking forward to many exciting family meetings!


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