SGB Elections.001Notice is hereby given of the School Governing Body Election to be held on Monday 5 March 2018 at 19:30. We require FIVE parents to be elected to serve on the School Governing Body.  A forward thinking, modern, twenty-first century school is highly dependent on a dynamic group of five Parents who will join two Educators, one Non-Education and the Principal to form a Governance structure of nine.

We require the following candidates:

Legal – an attorney to give sound legal advice

Accountant/MBA – a financier to guide our income and expenditure with an understanding of modern education needs

Human Capital – someone to look after the well-being of a high performing staff

Property Management and Capital Development – a businessperson with a thorough knowledge of sound CAPEX management and a long-term vision

Diversity  – someone to track our vision, mission and performance while guiding our thinking regarding diversity and intra-cultural connections

It is a thankless job.  It demands hours of meetings.  You will be abused by other parents.  You will never be able to please everyone.  The Principal will constantly seek your advice and guidance.  Those who have committed to being on the SGB over the years have found it so rewarding once they see education from the “other side”.  Nominate someone who will bring added-value to our organisation.

Please click on the PDF Notification below for the official notice.


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