One could could feel the excitement on Thursday morning –  The kids were eagerly waiting to go on the first ever Swimming Tour! The Tour Group jumped in the buses, buckled up and set off on their journey with the music blaring and energy levels sky-high throughout the trip.
Upon arriving in Knysna, the kids split up into into groups at the accommodation for a quick change. There was no time to relax as the team had to get straight into action. The first Gala of the tour awaited. It was to take place at Knysna Primary School. The kids swam there hearts out and showed true GRIT in every event. The SVPS cheers echoed throughout the brand new indoor aquatic centre. The standard of swimming was top class and our kids recorded some impressive times.
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Our evenings were spent at the Knysna Waterfront where the team enjoyed their delicious dinners and got to explore the beautiful surrounds. Many decided to spend their money at the infamous local sweet shop.
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On Friday it was an early wake up of the team and they headed off to George for a Fun Gala at “Carpe Diem” –  A Special Needs School. Wow – now this was an absolutely amazing experience for every member of the team. They swam in fun races, such as  noodle race,  kicking race and ended it all off with a treading comepetion.
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Seeing the Sun Valley students slow down, encourage and swim along-side these students with physical and mental disabilities touched the hearts of all in attendance. No one had instructed them to do so, yet the empathy shown by our SVPS students was outstanding.
After an awesome morning, the team set off to the Puzzle Park in Plett. The kids got to flex their brain muscles in solving different puzzles as well as attempting to make their way through the challenging 3D maze.
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The final day of swimming tour saw the team take on Knysna dragons Swimming Club. This gala took place in a relay format. The children were so determined and swam beautifully against bigger, stronger students from the club.
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That afternoon, as if they hadn’t had enough water already, the swimming squad went to Adventure land where the kids had a fun-filled afternoon on the water slides. The slipped and slid their way around the park for hours on end – what fun!
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IMG_0565 IMG_0615
IMG_0635 IMG_0801
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Evening swims, dance parties with the coaches and laughing so much that their stomachs hurt was the name of the game on this tour. What a special time. What an amazing experience.
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Thank you to every boy, girl and coach that a attended this tour and created a memory that lasted a life time.

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