BIC… ‘Because I Care’ is a Grade 4 initiative that uses a buddy system to create a strong sense of family within the grade. Each term, two classes are paired up and each child is assigned a buddy. Meetings are held every two weeks and it is a time to build relationships and have fun. BIC is a time where all the Grade 4’s get to learn and discover new things about others and themselves.

The BIC programme aims to extend each child’s sense of empathy, help develop their integration skills and most importantly make friends that will become like family throughout the year. This initiative also makes the integration into Grade 5 easier by forming relationships and bonds with people outside of their own class.

During E-colour Week the Grade 4 Family thought it only fitting to use our BIC meeting to explore their buddies E-colour. They were set the task of finding out ‘what made their buddy tick’. Through exploring and understanding their potential limiters and tendencies, the Grade 4’s, were able to get a better understanding of the different E-colours.

The Grade Four’s had a fantastic time embracing their buddies E-Colours!

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