The Grade 2s are feeling so fortunate to have had two lovely days for our field trips this term. The sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. Our ever faithful moms and dads dropped us off at the Seaforth parking lot and from there we walked to Boulders Beach.


We filled our brains with fun penguin facts and then took a stroll on the board walk where we saw penguins in action.
Some penguins were burrowing and others were looking after their precious eggs. We saw “Blues” (teenage penguins) cruising around the beach. A few of us claim to have seen a seagull drop an egg from the sky.

We had such fun in the ocean after our picnic on the grass. Thank you to the parents for being our personal lifeguards. Fortunately, there was no rescuing needed!
Sandcastle competitions, dressing up in seaweed and splashing the teachers with water added to the fun of the day.


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