This past week our phenomenal group of Grade Three’s showed us how quickly things can be learnt if put into concrete and practical terms.


We had a great time working with many different mediums when learning about fractions.


We divided our classes into their co-op groups to gain understanding of the concept together, as many things can be learned when working together as a group.



We practiced drawing some fractions together on our white boards, allowing each child the opportunity to create and colour in a fraction. Whilst consolidating this work at their tables, each group came onto the mat for some constructive and tasty fraction fun! What a treat to have fruit snack during and after a lesson!


When their consolidation work was complete, the Grade 3’s were able to get into smaller groups to play the fraction dice game, where they rolled two dice for the denominator and rolled one die for the numerator.

IMG_0789 copy

They then proceeded to write the fraction down first on a chalk board, followed by a drawing that was equally divided up and coloured in according to the fraction!


It is so important to keep everyday learning as fun and as exciting as possible and judging by these happy faces, it was a fun fraction learning day… a job well done!

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