Movement is at the heart of each and every day down at Sunbird. Before our children can progress to Grade One where they will begin to read and write, their bodies need to become learning ready. Thus, the Grade R year is filled with exercises, games, play and various activities aimed at getting those little bodies fully prepared for big school!


The Walk-It-Circuit is a high point in any Pre-School day. As soon as the teachers announce Walk-It-Circuit time (more commonly termed the “Walk-It-Circus” by our precious five-year-olds) the children are at the gate rearing to break out of Sunbird and complete the 1km course around the big field. The series of specially designed exercises serve to develop fitness, strength and coordination. To a pre-schooler they’re just really really fun!





Wednesdays are Visual Motor days down at Sunbird. This sees the stoep come alive with throwing, catching and balancing as our Sunbirdies tackle a whole host of exercises aimed at developing their hand-eye coordination. Whilst the children enjoy taking part alongside their peers, they simultaneously build the foundations necessary to form letters, read and cut out on the lines.


Classroom routines and circle time are constantly interspersed with Movement songs in order to keep our little ones minds’ awake and engaged. As our children dance along to their favourite tunes guided by their favourite Disney characters, they’re also learning to cross their horizontal and vertical midlines, vital for establishing a sense of Place in Space. Additionally, engaging in such a fun whole-class activity develops a sense of camaraderie between learners and helps them to feel safe and loved within the school environment, vital for unlocking creativity and innovation.


Our little Sunbirds have only been members of the Sun Valley family for 6 weeks now, but they’re already movin’ it like pros! We have no doubt that these precious pre-schoolers are set to become the Movers and Shakers of the future!

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