On the 16th of February the Grade 4 learners took their iPads, picnics and themselves off to Fish Hoek Beach where they learnt about their surrounding topography. The learners started off with a delightful picnic and then got to their tasks.


The first instruction was to build a 3D replica of the mountain range that borders our Fish Hoek Valley. The Grade 4’s used various map skills  taught in class to show and identify where certain features could be found. Some of the things they needed to include were Peers Cave, Silverglades field as well as Silverglades Sand Dunes.

The Grade 4 learners took their iPads with them on this outing, and wow –  the teachers were impressed with the amount of responsibility these learners showed. They followed all the rules and looked after their devices like digital superstars. On the iPad the learners used an app called Whiteboard to edit a picture of the mountain  range  that Peers Cave could be found on. They had to draw contour lines, showing how the mountain changed in gradient. As well as show where Peers Cave could be found, plot a hiking path they would take to Peers Cave and identify the sand dunes.

Despite the rain, which all the students and teachers embraced, the Grade 4’s had a wonderful time learning about topogrpghy through the use of their iPads and having fantastic apps at their disposal. This outing was definitely a cracking success!




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