The Grade 7s have been dealing with our Earth and spent a day learning about Soetwater’s diverse rocky shore ecosystem. Luckily they were blessed with beautiful weather and excitedly set out to explore their surroundings.

They were first taught by Mr Lappies, the importance of preserving the different biomes and how we all can minimise our impact on our planet. With fear and trepidation for some and awe and excitement from others, Stephen carried out a snake show. Many bravely touched all the different types of snakes, others faced their fears and realised the importance of snakes in our ecosystems.


While walking to the rocky shoreline they had to look out for birds. Species of this region include the African Black Oystercatcher, an endangered bird species. In their co-operative groups they discovered many creatures in the rock pools thriving with biodiversity. After documenting what they found and a lot of learning, it was time to have some fun in the tidal pool. Many raced and jumped into the refreshing water only to discover that it was freezing! Nonetheless they had a great time, splashing and dunking each other.


They all ended their day feeling grateful for having such a rich surrounding environment and pristine white beaches right on their doorsteps.


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