The U12A Waterpolo boys and girls recently set off to Knysna to participate in the Oakhill Chukka Festival. This is a Waterpolo Tournament which takes place in the open water, to be more specific, in the Knysna Waterfront. We stayed at the beautiful Beauchamp Lodge, situated right on the Knysna Lagoon.

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The weather over the weekend was beautiful, the water was divine and many of the coaches were wishing they could be thrown in. The standard of Waterpolo played during the Tournament was simply TOP CLASS! Despite some drizzle on one of the days, the vibe could not be dampened. Our spirited little youngsters took each new challenge in their stride.







As usual, the breakfasts were divine at our accommodation. Lovely bacon and eggs greeted the kids every morning. In the evenings, kids were treated to delicious meals at the likes of Spur and Ocean Basket – What a TREAT!





The girls were outstanding and played their hearts out throughout the event against bigger, stronger, older girls. It was wonderful to see the superb team work on display. The U12A Boys showed phenomenal development throughout the tour. They played as a team, developed in strength and grew in confidence.

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The boys and girls shocked some of their older, stronger opponents with their superb skill set and tenacity. As usual, SVPS students stand out with their GRIT, be it on the Sports Field, pool or classroom!

One of the highlights of the tour was without doubt, the Valentines Dance. The boys and girls got dressed up, did their hair beautifully (mainly the boys) and set off to this awesome event at Oakhill Prep. The kids danced the evening away and enjoyed a yummy dinner at the venue. When it was time to go, the staff had to drag the kids away from all the fun they were having!

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Other outings included a trip to the beloved “Puzzle Park.” Kids got the opportunities to test their orienteering skills in the 3D Maze. Many of the boys and girls showed off their problem solving ability during the Forest-Puzzle-Walk.

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Over all, a truly special experience for these boys and girls.

Could not be more proud of their amazing achievements, efforts and passion!


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