On Tuesday, the Grade Threes spent the morning learning all about capacity. We used various sized measuring jugs to demonstrate how different amounts of water looked within their cups.


The Grade Threes eagerly participated by carefully pouring water to make up 250ml, which they now know is one cup!



We conducted a little experiment to see how many cups of water it would take to reach one litre. The Grade Threes enthusiastically made their predictions, while we filled up a litre jug, one cup at a time.




After discovering how many millilitres make up a litre, the students returned to their tables to consolidate their new found knowledge. While working through an exciting worksheet, the Grade Threes realised that measurement can take place in both an informal and formal manner.



The Grade Threes loved this hands on activity, but don’t worry, no municipal water was harmed in the making of this lesson.


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