Last Friday SVPS held their annual Pyjama Party. This is a much anticipated event and the countdown begins as soon as the date is set. It was the Grade One’s first PJ Party in “big school”. There was a hype of excitement as the children hurried down the passages, eager to get to their classrooms and see their friends and teachers in PJs! It was a sea of funky onesies, stylish slippers and cuddly blankets.

IMG_8944 IMG_8938

IMG_8937 IMG_8919

Once the children had all arrived and settled in, they played some games and had fun in their respective classes. Some of them played with toys, had pillow fights or relaxed whilst others drew pictures.  After the bathroom trip the children then went to buy some treats at Birdie Num Nums or tuck into their pre-ordered dinners.

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Once all the food had been enjoyed, we then headed to Ms Hall’s classroom to watch a movie. For some, the excitement had been too much and they fell asleep shortly after the movie had started. The rest of the children enjoyed snuggling up with their blankets and pillows whilst enjoying a cinematic experience at school.

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Our first Pyjama Party was a fun-filled event enjoyed by all. It was wonderful for the teachers to share such an exciting evening with the Grade Ones.

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