Only 3 more sleeps… only 2 more sleeps… only one more sleep… and then suddenly it was HERE! After weeks of counting down with our little ones, last Friday it was finally time for the Sunbird Pyjama Party.


What’s the only thing cuter than a pre-schooler? A pre-schooler wearing pyjamas! Our little Sunbirdies looked simply ADORABLE as they poured through the gates donning their sleepwear, clutching their pillows and ready for an evening of fun.


The campus was instantly a buzz as our children greeted their friends excitedly, complimented one anothers’ outfits and compared movie snacks. Best of all was when the children realised their teachers were wearing their pyjamas too!


Enjoying the novelty of being at school in the evening, the children tore around the playground, torches in hand. We then sat down together to enjoy dinner in the dark. Attempting to get these energetic little bodies to sit still was a difficult task, but the lure of hot food from Birdie Num Nums and delicious treats packed by moms and dads made it all the more easier.


No PJ party would be complete without a movie and finally it was time to snuggle down and relax with our popcorn and treats. You’d think that after all the build up, excitement and such a late night our Sunbirds would have been absolutely exhausted but nope… it seems that was just the teachers!


We hope all the parents had a wonderful night off whilst we enjoyed PJ party fun with your special little ones!


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