Tennis tour kicked off early on Wednesday morning with great enthusiasm and anticipation.  There was an air of confidence amongst the players as they believed they could make history on this Tour.


DAY 1:
The first match was against the infamous George South Primary.  They are one of the strongest tennis schools around with a host of SWD players in their team.  The boys were a bit tired after the long drive and early start, but they were soon woken by tennis balls flying past their heads.  Some beautiful tennis followed with amazing rallies.
IMG_0046 IMG_0050
IMG_0081 IMG_0094 IMG_0105
Orbit and Steven Stander, playing as our ONE and TWO were in scintillating form as they battled it out in their Doubles match with some fantastic tennis being played. They beat George 6-4.  Michael Stander and Juandre Welthagen lost against little pocket-rocket players that stunned the crowd with their superb skill set.
Jake Coetzee and  Troy Peacock-Edwards had some impressive rallies in their doubles match, but narrowly lost 3-6. Bennie Hansen  and Michael Joubert had one of the longest sets in history with very close loss, losing 3-6.
IMG_0147 IMG_0163
Our number one player, Orbit, made quick work of his opponent beating him 6-0. Steven Stander had more of a challenge on his hands, but fought through every game and won 6-4. New to SVPS, Michael Morgan, played a phenomenal game to win his match 6-3.The boys really enjoyed their games and received free Afrikaans Language education on court. The language barrier was quite hilarious, but they connected through their mutual love for sport. The team headed to Knysna to go check into our accommodation.  The boys were very excited to all be in one room. As usual our hosts were amazing.
Dinner was at Ocean Basket on the first night. The boys had some free time to roam around the Waterfront. Sweets, the infamous Toy Claw Machine and Ice Cream seemed to be the favourites.
DAY 2:
After a little sleep in all the boys had a delicious breakfast and they headed to Adventure Land in Plettenberg Bay.  Even the coaches jumped in (except Mr Solly who claims to be 52 years old).  Two of the youngsters  on tour had never been down the “big drop” slide, and what amazing sports they were launching down the terrifying slide.
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IMG_9360 IMG_9364
IMG_9389 IMG_9405
IMG_9419 IMG_9516
After three hours of fun, the boys headed back to Knysna to have some lunch and get ready for the matches against our friends, Knysna Primary School. Coach L conducted a team talk about the previous day’s performances and some strategies were discussed to improve on an individual & team basis.
As always Knysna Primary welcomed us with big smiles and very well organised matches kicked off with Doubles. Orbit and Steven had a challenging doubles match and narrowly beat Knysna Primary 6-4. This seemed to have set a trend as 3 out of 5 doubles matches were won.
The boys looked very strong after their Doubles Matches and headed into Singles with fire in their bellies, and won 6 out of the 9 singles matches. This was a very satisfying result for the team after our majority of losses the previous day.  Everyone was excited for the following day. The improvement and overall growth in the team was evident.
IMG_9604 IMG_9696
IMG_9765 IMG_9821
The team then headed to the Spur at the Waterfront. Burgers were the order of the day as SVPS students continued to stand out with their superb behaviour. Gratitude was once again on show as the boys thanked the Managers and Owners.
DAY 3:
Waking up to a very wet Knysna, the boys enjoyed a slow, lazy breakfast.  After a team discussion, the boys decided to challenge each other at Puzzle Park in Plett.  Lunches were picked up on the way and the lads set off. The team had lots of fun at Puzzle park. During the fun, the rain got worse and both matches were cancelled by the schools due to poor conditions.
IMG_9842 IMG_9871
IMG_9896 IMG_9906
IMG_9912 IMG_9913
The team decided that they would return to the awesome accommodation to watch the rugby, enjoy some snacks, play-fight and play some more garden cricket!
The “Tennis Tour Initiation” in 2018 was SMURF THEMED. This is always a highlight of tennis tour – non-stop giggles.  Our newbies arrived at the Waterfront looking like cute little “Hawaiian Hoola-Smurfs”.  What a special sight to see these boys having such fun together.
DAY 4:
The boys had an early start on their final day. Four Days into the tour and the lads were shattered, however, they conjured up some serious will power and inner strength to give their all on the last day.   The boys had a nice long warmup before starting with their matches against a powerful Oakhill Team. Doubles began and the all  6 our teams walked off the court unbeaten – what a phenomenal performance!
IMG_0162 IMG_0221
IMG_0270 IMG_9161
IMG_9214 IMG_9262
Virtually every single player won their Singles matches. What an exciting way to complete a phenomenal tour and more importantly, the MOST SUCCESSFUL tennis tour in the history of SVPS.

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