Enthusiasm, excitement and anticipation was in the air for our annual Grade 5 camp at Simonsberg Christian camp.


The boys and girls jumped straight into their new learning environment by playing games and getting into their new teams.

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The teams, of randomly selected participants, had the opportunity to compete in challenges consisting of not only physical, but mental exercises. These exercises needed the full teams co-operation in order to move to the next stages.

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Swinging across motes, building puzzles, taking a long walk to freedom, climbing the high wall and walking across the dreaded landmine field in silence, were just a few obstacles the teams endured.

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This camp was all about building skills and preparing our boys and girls for challenges and struggles that may be faced throughout their lives. Giving up was never an option and with a bit of motivation, fear was overcome by bravery.

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With the values instilled already at Sun Valley, co-operative skills, communication and commitment were on point to get each team through their sticky situations.

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A camp full of fun, laughter and learning was fully enjoyed by all.

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