A big portion of our Thematic Studies this term has focused on the theme of Electricity. Here the children have been introduced to atoms. They were challenged to make an iMovie to illustrate the three main rules about electrical charge. This was a fun way to explore these facts and to show creativity in their thinking.



A project has been completed about renewable and non-renewable energy. This was produced in Pages and then airdropped to their teacher’s iPad for assessing. It is always a treat to see the kids’ technological ability.



A bit of history was investigated and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the timeline of prominent events in the development of electricity. A more in depth study was done on Benjamin Franklin which led to a better understanding of the development and use of a lightning rod.



The highlight of this theme was when each group had to bring certain materials to class to be tested in order to classify them as conductors or insulators. This was great fun and ‘lightbulb’ moments were experienced.



We have ended off Electricity by looking at Plugs and Wires, Cells and Batteries as well as Electrical Circuits. This most certainly was an enjoyable part of the Grade 6 curriculum.


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