The Grade 11’s recently went to Michael Oak Waldorf School where they attended the Rocking the Future career expo. This expo is presented by ISASA to expose learners to Tertiary Institutions aside from UCT, UWC and Maties.  Colleges such as Vega, AFDA and Open Window offer creative and design courses. The Animation School attracted quite some interest and the soccer boys were very interested in the coaching courses offered by ETA.  Offered career options varied from becoming a professional field guide (Ecotraining) to becoming the next Jamie Oliver (International Hotel School).


There is always an element of fun and this year, there was a dance-off between the schools that attended. Yibanathi triumphed, but only after Emily also got into the fray of things!  They were loyally supported by their peers!





The students agreed that it was a very valuable experience. They even recommended that the grade 9 students also attend it, before they make their subject choices.  Thanks to Michael Oak for hosting this valuable event!

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