Two weeks ago our Grade Ones got the chance to go on their very first big school field trip. The destination was Fish Hoek beach and there was a lot of excitement as they arrived at school; costumes and towels in tow.

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The weather played along on the most part, except the awful wind, but that didn’t stop the children from making the most of their field trip. The trip started off with a fruit snack and then it was time for a swim. Those who didn’t swim got to enjoy some chill time and play in the sand. After lunch, which included sweet and sour things, the children excitedly waited for the sandcastle building competition. They had lots of fun seeing who could build the tallest and most creative castles.

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The field trip links to our Life Skills curriculum theme, My Senses. They had fun using their senses to explore the beach.

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The outing was enjoyed by both teachers and children and is a favourite among many. We hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday and look forward to an exciting Term Two!

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