The Grade Six children had a glorious journey to Grabouw, where their camp site was at Mizpah.



The teacher’s and children were well rested and after a few minutes the activities began in haste. The screams of the children getting stuck into the first task of the day could be felt. A positive mindset was required because the children were not only designing a poster for their investment company, but arranging a cool advert.



Once they had a chance to present this to the teaching staff, the GAP students and children had a few minutes to gather themselves and prepare for the next thought provoking activity of the day which saw the children working in their groups finding direction and raining valuable power bucks for their team. They went on to have supper and finally had a night activity which allowed them to search for the GAP students in the dark and gather even more power bucks.


IMG_0706The next day started off early, very early. The children had a morning stretch and run and then they got ready for breakfast at eight o’clock. They were divided into several groups. Each group was sent to various stations which included team building activities, games and a hike to the rock pools. This part of the camp was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children. The children then had a CARE session with their teachers and later they played Minute-to-Win-it. A lot of fun was experienced as all the campers, including the teachers and GAP students participated.



On the final morning the children were permitted to have a sleep in till seven o’clock and packing up, breakfast and a final CARE session was on the cards for the children. Once we completed prize giving, the long road home was the next destination. Just a great thank you to all the parents for making our camp possible as well as to our teaching staff for being present and speaking into the children’s lives. Finally, a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Keller and the GAP students who made this one amazing camp for all the Grade Six children at Sun Valley Primary school.






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