Excitement filled the air as students arrived at High Africa in Roberston, a magnificient venue on the bank of the Breede River. This is an ideal outdoor experience for Grade 7 learners who get to experience nature and their beautiful surroundings away from the business of city life and any digital distractions.


The beautiful tranquil surroundings


Teams consisted of members from different grade 7 classes.


Students were met with the warm and welcoming smiles of the camp coordinators and facilitators who immediately put students into groups and led them into a variety of fun activities and games.  The teams decided on a Group Name, Logo and War Cry which they presented with confidence before they were led to their comfortable chalets and luxury tents.


Fun in the luxury tents.


Creative activities, team building games, an obstacle course, high ropes, river rafting and many more activities gave students varied opportunities for learning, whether it be learning about co-operation, yourself, or about a certain skill set. Fun however, remained at the core and students had no shortage of this.


Bonding time!


Overcoming fears as we take on the challenging High Ropes.


Making a potjie on the final evening of the camp was most definitely a highlight and students were determined to achieve their points, the teams worked effectively and created the most delicious potjies served to perfection.

A big thank you to the Grade 7 teachers for their commitment during this Camp, they worked tirelessly to prepare for the camp and were actively involved in every activity during the camp.

We also celebrate our fine group of Grade 7s, who were excellent ambassadors for our school. We are proud of you!


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