One of the greatest things about growing up, in a school as amazing as Sun Valley Primary, is that you are often encouraged to step out of your comfort zone to get to know yourself and others better. This week was no exception! The Grade 4’s decided that they would combine their regular ‘Because I Care’ meeting with an in depth E-Colours exercise.

They began by taking a look at their particular E-Colour and the POTENTIAL LIMITERS and TENDENCIES that go with it. Reading about themselves and discussing with others really opened the eyes of the children. “I can’t believe how much it sounds like me, Sir!”, “Ma’am this is crazy! How do they know me so well?” were just some of the remarks made on the day.

The Grade 4s then headed to the field to meet their new BIC buddy for the term. This meant that some were placed with someone they would NEVER usually mingle with and they were then tasked to get to know them, their E-Colour and what makes them unique.

Great fun was had by all and with great fun comes great learning opportunities. All the children walked away from this experience knowing more about someone new and more importantly, knowing more about themselves.

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