Our Grade 5 boys and girls were instructed to research where their Surname originates from. The excitement and eagerness to learn about their history was intoxicating.


Using their iPads to research and gather facts as well as interviewing family members for their interesting family information were all necessary in order to complete this project task.


Some of the following questions were posed:

‘Where did my surname originate from?’

‘What is the meaning of my surname?’

‘Is there anyone in my family that is famous or that has done something incredible?’


Using their creative minds, the boys and girls were given time in class to complete their project in which they could include their family crest, pictures, mottos and their own unique touch.This project allowed for the kids to identify their heritage and background. Asking themselves questions of what makes their family unique, what legacies have been left behind, to what legacies they could one day leave for their future family?


The Grade 5’s have learnt so much during this activity and have taken full advantage of discovering where their families originally came from, what they could have experienced and what their family means to them.


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