The first theme for Term 2 in Grade 8 Afrikaans is animals. The kids loved the video clip of the donkey farmer who uses donkey milk to make skin products, ranging from anti-aging to eczema creams. They were charmed by the story in their comprehension test of the rescued donkey who had twin donkeys in Oudsthoorn.

Their reading passage is all about strange pets like stick insects, skunks, warthogs and miniature donkeys. The Grade 8’s were trained to use Quizlet to study their vocabulary. It is a great tool to use for studying as it makes use of flashcards, games and mini tests.


A prepared oral on strange and scarce animals will be presented using a PowerPoint presentation. The students are learning new vocabulary in a fun and interesting way. The students love having a cuddly dog as a pet at school and both Frankie and Harry has become very much part of the class. Pets and animals make our lives so much better!


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