This past week our Grade Ones learned about the second E-colour for the year, blue. This E-colour is the relator. A relator is someone who connects with others. Someone with a strong blue E-colour is good at supporting and empathizing with others. They also like to help others and enjoy being around people.

IMG_8750 IMG_4365

To apply what they had learned, the girls and boys made their own blue chains, which refers to the connection and relation of this E-colour. They really impressed us with their amazing chains! We also linked the E-colour to our current setwork book, Winnie the Pooh. We found that the Owl represented blue as he connects with those who live in the Hundred Acre Wood. He helps them recognize how they are feeling and gives them wise advice!

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It was interesting learning about this new E-colour and applying our knowledge in such a fun way. The children proudly wore their chain necklaces home that day!

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A reminder that our Grade One assembly has been postponed. Please keep an eye on the calendar and blog for further information.

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