The Grade 5 students have been hard at work this term researching various types of creatures that call soil their HOME.


Each student had the choice of researching one of four types of creatures that we have been learning about in our classrooms this term; the dung beetle, the ant, the earthworm and snail. The Grade 5s were super excited and enthusiastic to start researching and learning about their specific creature.




They were tasked to create a front cover, research their creatures appearance, habitat, their feeding, as well as a few of their very own interesting facts on these spectacular creatures.



We have spent time each day in class researching, gathering information and learning how to record information in our own words as well as creating summaries from large texts that we find on the internet.


 The information gathered was recorded as a rough draft first on their iPads as digital learning has become very instrumental in the way we learn in our classrooms. From this point on, rough drafts are swapped, checked and altered with partners before starting their final project which will be presented in a flip file. Their creative juices were needed in order to create an interesting and informative booklet on their chosen creature.


The Grade 5s are doing a fantastic job, and have so enjoyed diving into the fascinating world of creatures who live in the soil. We can’t wait to see their final products.


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