In dealing with the concept that “Life is difficult” – while looking at excerpts from the book “A road less travelled”- the Grade 7s have been encouraged to keep a journal throughout the year. After a discussion about the importance of journalling and what role it plays in their lives, they watched a video showing the role journalling played in other adults lives. The grade 7s soon realised that journalling is what they make of it and they could adapt the concept to suit their lives.

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They were now more enthusiastic and ready to write their split-journal entry about a time they experienced a problem in their lives and reacted to it. Emotional responses, their own anchors and physiology was recorded. When they are faced with a problem, they apply the four rules ADDB- Accept responsibility, Delay gratification, Dedicate self to telling the truth, Balance to record the problem and deal with it.

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Reflection is a wonderful exercise and through reviewing their emotional feelings as well what they had written, they could analyse how they would adapt their responses in the future. The tools are so simple, but very few humans apply them. Luckily these teenagers are being taught how to understand why they react in certain ways and how to adapt their reactions in the future. A tool they can certainly take into their adult lives.

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