Over the past few weeks, much emphasis has been placed on the use of adjectives during our Language lessons. What better way to apply this Part of Speech than in writing.



Our Grade 6s excitedly brought to school their most prized possession. This was required to act as an inspiration for our Writer’s Day Task.



First an example of a well-written piece was read to the class in which they had to take note of the descriptive and figurative language that has been used.



Our young writers were then asked to create a brainstorm using Popplet on their iPads. They had to incorporate the appearance of their most prized possession, why it is important to them , how it makes them feel and an adventure with it. This was the first part of the writing process.



Then followed writing the rough draft. They were constantly reminded to re-visit the given rubric in order to make sure that all requirements have been met. Our little authors-in-the-making were encouraged to double check and edit their own work by reading it out aloud to themselves and looking out for spelling and punctuation errors.



It was then time to re-write their descriptive essay into their Summative Assessment book and to submit it for marking. As teachers, we are excited to mark this exciting work!

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