This week, the Grade Threes set sail on an adventure, filled with deviant pirates and curious explorers!

Our Life Skills focus has been directed at discovering the various expeditions, findings and challenges that explorers, such as Vasco da Gama; James Cook; Christopher Columbus and David Livingstone encountered along their journeys.

Just as the explorers once did, the Grade Threes learnt how to navigate their surroundings using a compass. They enjoyed consolidating this knowledge with a fun game outside. As well as a few riddles to help them remember the four main cardinal points.


DSCF8785 DSCF8772

We gathered together outside to preform various activities with the objective of reaching whichever cardinal point their teacher called out. It was incredible to see how much fun this was for the children and how the children learned through play.


DSCF8770 DSCF8783

Our Life Skills adventure has lead us to explore other topics such as pirate ships, unyielding seas and new continents that the explorers may have encountered. We also learnt about Bartolomeu Dias’ expedition around the Cape of Good Hope, previously referred to as the Cape of Storms.

The Grade Threes then had the opportunity to create a porthole for a pirate ship. They channeled their creativity and designed some beautiful portholes using just a paper plate, some coloured paper, glue and their scissors.

DSCF8801 DSCF8805 DSCF8798

Life Skills has been an exciting subject, which has brought out the Grade Threes passion for history and an appreciation for the past. We look forward to our next Life Skills adventure: our field trip to Cape Point.

DSCF8812 DSCF8817

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