The Grade 9 students were challenged to research and give their personal opinion on various, often controversial, topics. The list to choose from consisted of:

Abortion, Infertility, Surrogacy, Contraception, or Population Control.

Each person was instructed to research their chosen topic, then to present it to the class in the form of a Keynote, PowerPoint or a Poster. They needed to have gained adequate knowledge in their research to be able to answer questions from the floor. And they also needed to give their own thoughts on the topic that they chose.

I was most impressed with the enthusiasm that the Grade 9 students showed as they took to their research.

The presentations were interesting and informative. The discussion and debate about various student opinions was fruitful.

Special mention must be made of Alex Thompson who presented a superb Keynote on Population Control. Alex thoroughly enjoys being up front and having a captive audience. His research went above and beyond what was asked of him. Well done!

And well done to all the Grade 9 students!


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