Mathematical Literacy

The competencies developed through Mathematical Literacy allow individuals to make sense of, participate in and contribute to the twenty-first-century world; a world characterised by numbers, numerically based arguments and data represented and misrepresented in a number of different ways.


Learners must be exposed to both mathematical content and real-life contexts to develop these competencies. Mathematical content is needed to make sense of real-life contexts; on the other hand, contexts determine the content that is needed (CAPS FET Mathematical Literacy, 2011).


Scale calculations and distance

scale is a ratio of the distance on a map to the actual distance of the ground. It converts the physical map units (centimetres) into the real-life units of the place being mapped (say meters or kilometres).


The Grade 12 students, during a practical activity “the context”, used their mathematical knowledge “the content”, to complete their task. The activity involved drawing the SMA swimming pool or the Hall (Top view) on an A5 sheet using an appropriate number scale.


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