Over this past week, the Grade 4s have been on a round the world trip, all from the comfort of their own classroom! Making use of their digital devices, each learner was able to research their country of choice and discover what exciting things they had on offer.

Keynotes and posters provided us with a visual display of culture, food and incredible travel destinations! Our senses were enticed with sweet smells of delicious baked goods and delicate spices. Our taste buds tingled as we got to taste some of the exotic foods native to each country. Some of us even got into the dancing spirit as we were lead in traditional dances from countries like Cuba, India and Spain.

The Grade 4 teachers were blown away by the enthusiasm and the effort that each child put into these orals. A big thank you also goes out to the parents who helped with props and food and supported their children. They couldn’t have done it without you. A great time was had by all.

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