Working in pairs, the Grade 10’s researched and designed Powerpoint presentations on remarkable individuals who have overcome crippling financial hardship and childhood poverty; rising to become some of the wealthiest, most accomplished people in their fields of work.

It begs the question: if we are too comfortable as human beings, are we able to access the motivation required to be outstanding?

Daina and ariella 2

Ivana and Hagen selected Oprah Winfrey as their person of interest, and they were astounded at what odds this lady had to beat to become the phenomenon she is today. At one point in her childhood, Oprah wore potato-sacks that had been sewn together as clothing. Today, she could buy a fashion line at the drop of a ‘Paris-couture’ hat.

One could argue that individuals like Oprah, 50 Cent, Luis Suarez, Ashwin Willemse – who have used their skills, talents and abilities to pull themselves out of the depths of poverty – may not have gained success on a world platform if things had been handed to them on a platter. Tenacity and perseverance are often what sets the brilliant apart from the merely mediocre.

Daina and Ariella 1

What sets you apart from the crowd? How will you be successful? These are questions the Grade 10’s will hopefully answer in the future through action and determination!


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