This week the Grade 2 classes got the opportunity to visit one of the oldest universities in South Africa! We hopped on a luxury 60 seater bus and set off to the University of Cape Town. We visited UCT to expose our young children to a higher education institute in the hopes that it would ignite a passion for their futures.



We were hosted by the Zoology Department which ties in wonderfully with our theme of Bats, Caves, and Spiders which we’re exploring in Life Skills. The children were visited by Batman and Spiderman who spoke about their respective areas of expertise.


The children were whisked off in groups to actually experience what it’s like to be a bat! They were blindfolded and had to find a friend who was a moth.


Then the highlight of the day (other than driving in a big bus!) was when they got to see real tarantulas…moms we promise we did not take them out of their glass houses and play with them! They did however get to hold and cuddle a few hissing cockroaches.

IMG_0827 IMG_0843


PHOTO-2018-05-24-12-06-28 PHOTO-2018-05-24-12-01-04

This was a wonderful experience for the Grade 2s and they were definitely in awe of the great University.

So here is a quick glimpse into the future..

IMG_0849 18fd41b8-d96b-4373-8392-8625aba75809

PHOTO-2018-05-24-12-55-03 PHOTO-2018-05-24-12-55-06

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