Recently, Sun Valley held their annual Grandparents Day. The Grade Ones had been working hard in their books to show their grandparents their best work. They had also been practising their special stage presentation to teach the grandparents what our “cracking success” theme means.

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On the day, the children were so excited to have their grandparents visit their classroom and have look at all the work they have been doing. It is always so special to have an older generation see what modern schooling looks like. A lot has changed! After the stage presentations, it was time for the grandparents to visit the classes.

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Once in the classes, the grandparents got to spend time with the children and look through their books with them. They also got to leave a special note for their grandchild. Those whose grandparents could not attend, got another grandparent to write them a special note and to share some of the day with them, so no one was left out.

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Thank you to the grannies and grandpas that were able to attend. It was wonderful to meet everyone and it was a truly wonderful day for all the children.

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