A few weeks ago our Grade Ones set off on their Term Two field trip. The destination was Higgeldy Piggeldy farmyard at Imhoff Farm. We were lucky with beautiful weather on both days and the children arrived at school full of smiles and enthusiasm. Many have been there before and were excited to re-visit some of their favourite areas of the farm.

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The focus for the outing was to “Unwrap the Farmyard”. This related to our Life Skills theme where we learn about pets and other animals. To start with, the Cape For Kids guides spoke about the various types of animals found at Higgeldy Piggeldy. They then discussed with the children the various products we get from the different animals, i.e. cows give us dairy, pigs give us bacon, etc. The children were very clued up on this topic and enjoyed sharing their knowledge.

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After the discussion it was time for the activity. The children got a chance to make their very own water saving device, something close to the heart of every Capetonian! After the activity it was time for a walk around the farmyard to meet and feed all of the animals. Once they had been around the farmyard, the children enjoyed their lunch on the grass in the lovely sunshine.

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A fun time was had by all and we look forward to another exciting field trip in Term Three!


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