In Grade 2 we take playing very seriously! In fact, we do it as often as possible. We play during Maths lessons, Afrikaans lessons, even THRASS lessons. We try to squeeze play into everything we do.


Did you know that you can take something like learning about fractions or how to use conjunctions, and turn it into an epic game?


The more exciting the activity, the more memorable it is!

This week the Grade 2s tackled bonds of 12 by creating a snap game to play with their buddy! When numbers matching up to 12 appeared on the table, the first one to shout TWELVE took the matching pair and added it to their pile. What a fun way to learn their bonds!

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We also explored what makes a story flow; from the gripping introduction to the satisfying conclusion. To put this into action, the boys and girls planned a story with their Co-op groups and acted it out to the class!

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As you can see, we play a lot and it always has an exciting purpose!

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