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At school, as in any large organisation, leadership is critical. Students are part of that team of leaders that makes a good school, a great one. The position of “Pupil Leader” is a position of responsibility and one which provides an important connection between pupils and staff.


Our top 48 Grade 7 pupil leaders recently had a guided tour into the LAMB Approach, as it is imperative for future leaders to Listen, Acknowledge, Model and Bless, not only their fellow peers, but everyone with whom they engage now and in their future. This is a cornerstone leadership characteristic that will serve them on their sojourn throughout school and which will ultimately shape them as adults in the future.

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The act of listening is mindfully hearing and attempting to understand that which another person is expressing. It is the most important ingredient for building strong leadership, healthy relationships,  successful families, organisations and schools.


The act of being seen and noticed. The act of realising one’s potential and highlighting them for it and to know that what your are doing is good enough. It is about noticing who they are — seeing the truth of them and speaking what you see. It says, I see who you are — not what you did.


The act of demonstrating confidence and leadership, to communicate and interact with everyone, to show respect and concern for others, to be knowledgeable and well rounded and to have humility and admit mistakes.


The act of expressing the value you see in another by sharing with them the “ Gold”  you see in them and blessing them, individually, for their uniqueness, strengths and leadership qualities that are often unbeknownst to them.


It has been a privilege working with these 48 exceptional Pupil Leaders who have indeed done us proud. They are superb role models for our school. Well done!


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