What a term it has been! Our Grade 5’s have been very busy indeed. A few activities that stood out for our Grade 5’s were our Bhongolethu visit, the Science Centre visit, our Creature Project, the Surname Project, Nightlife and of course our Assessment week.

The Bhongolethu kids were overwhelmed by the generosity and the empathy that our Grade 5’s displayed. Our Grade 5’s were not happy to leave the warm smiles of the friends they had made.

IMG_9059 IMG_9017

The science centre opened our learners minds to the wonders of the world around them and had them asking many more questions.



The creature project allowed our learners to dive in and discover the world of creepy crawlies that live amongst us. Learning about where we came from in our Surname project fascinated our learners who gained a new respect for their family’s unique history. Showing off our dance moves and getting cosy in front of a movie at nightlife made for a night we will never forget.



Lastly, surviving Assessment week was definitely a highlight since our Grade 5’s managed this period with little stress and in such a mature fashion. All in all Term 2 was one for the books!



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