The grade 4’s have been busy this term with all sorts of different activities and all new experiences!

As part of our Thematic Studies we having been learning a lot about the plants in our Valley. We learnt specifically about the plant structures as well as how to scientifically label different plants. To put our knowledge into practice, the Grade 4’s, ‘planted’ their own avo pips, and have been recording the growth stages that each pip has gone through thus far. Our avo pips sprouted roots and some even have stems! There is some healthy competition going on to see which class has the greenest thumbs.

Recently the Grade 4’s become little scientist when they conducted their Yeast Experiment. The Grade 4’s set off to see if yeast would ‘become active’ in warm water or cold water when sugar was added. We started off the morning discussing and thinking about what the hypothesis for this experiment should be. Many of the Grade 4’s stated that they thought the warm water would make the yeast ‘activate’ the quickest. We tested their hypothesis by putting yeast, sugar and either warm or cold water into two bottles and a balloon over each – the race was on to see which balloon would inflate the fastest after 20mins. We were all happy to see our experiment proved our hypothesis correct!

In more current news, this past week our Grade 4’s took part in their first ever assessment week. Their nerves and excitement were evident. Our learners were all well prepared and committed to their studies. They took part in an hour of assessments each day, starting with English on Monday and ending with an open book assessment for Thematics on Thursday. By the time Thursday came the Grade 4’s were happy to be done with assessments and could now unwind a bit before normal school resumed.

These past few activities are just but a few of the fun times we have had this term! Holidays are around the corner and an opportunity for learners to re-energise for the upcoming term. Term 3 promises even more exciting challenges and experiments.

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