Term 3 has begun and the Grade 4s have hit the ground running. Excitement levels are high at the expectation of all the amazing adventures and experiences that the term has in store. These include: Eco-Brick Community Service project, UCT Ignition Field Trip, Powerful Presentations, New CARE Councillors and Mandela day celebrations to name but a few.

Taking care of our oceans and preventing pollution are a major focus for the Grade 4s, so needless to say they are very excited to be making their own Eco-Bricks this term.




The enormous responsibility of being the class CARE monitor took centre stage at the beginning of the week as each class selected their new representatives.



The main highlight of Term 3 is always the UCT Ignition Field Trip. The knowledge gained will be priceless to these amazing children.

The added opportunity of the Powerful Presentations task has inspired the learners to take their presentations to the next level. This promises to be an amazing experience for all.

To cap off an event-filled start of term, the Grade 4’s dedicated 67 minutes of their time on July 18th to picking up litter to serve the school as their Mandela Day contribution.


With a start like this, the term promises to be jam packed with fun and excitement, not to forget great learning opportunities. We can’t wait!

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