In 2018, one of our goals was to improve on the Cultural Wing of our iPlay sector. As an organisation, we want to become renown as not only a centre of educational, sporting excellence, but of superb music and culture.


Mr Best, Mrs Best and Mr Noel Frost set off to the Nashville A’Capella Conference during the holidays. This incredible experience was made possible by a generous donation to attend the week long event in Nashville.

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Mr Best remembers feeling bright eyed yet incredibly nervous upon arrival – this was not just some lecture, it was going to be a hands on, intense experience. Our staff were greeted by 60 other leading Music Directors/Choir Leaders from all around the world. The group we were divided into groups which consisted of people from all over America as well as one man from Guatemala.

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The conference was a very intensive course and involved many practical sessions. Our staff were put through their paces on singing while conducting according to official conducting patterns. Mr Best, a talented musician in his own right, had to learn how to read music as he has always previously played by ear. This was the most challenging and difficult part of the conference for him.

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Mr Noel Frost excelled in all aspects as this is the second time he has attended the event. He spent the conference not only learning more, but building on his prior knowledge.


Mrs Best got herself involved in the behind the scenes aspect of the conference. She was in charge of one of the conference venues and managed keynotes for the speakers in that venue. She was praised for her hard work and dedication at the Culmination Banquet.


The culmination of the conference came in the form of the Jury of Peers Critique. Each person was required to perform THREE songs while conducting correctly and expressively quoting song lyrics among other aspects. The nerves were intense but all came through with flying colours. What a challenge, but what an experience.

During their time, our staff also found themselves roped into an A’Capella Flash Mob. Click on the link below to check it out and look out for our “celebrities”.

Sun Valley Staff join A’Capella Flash Mob

In discussion with Mr Best, he said: “This was the experience of a lifetime and we are truly grateful. We cannot wait to take what we have learnt, put it into action and continue to grow the cultural wing of SVGoS”

Watch this space!

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