After a very exciting and successful Term 2, the Grade 5s can look forward to an action packed term; filled with wonderful learning, exciting outdoor field trips, and the anticipation of receiving their pen license for the very first time.



The term has started off with a BANG and the excitement was absolutely unreal throughout the Grade 5 corridors on the first day back, where compelling stories were shared throughout the day about their wonderful vacations in the Cape as well as abroad. 


We are excited to learn a whole lot more this term, starting off with exploring our very own city. We dive into a variety of topics that are important in the Cape and where we live.



More importantly, Gratitude is something that will be looked at very closely this term: what it means to be grateful and how to show gratitude towards our peers, teachers and parents of the school. As a grade we will work towards understanding the meaning of gratitude in great depth and we are all very EGGcited to grow and learn in this area.



As the term progresses we look forward to growing, overcoming our goals and challenges and conquering those fears that we face.


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