Term 3 is now officially in full swing and Interchange is no different! 

After a lovely break, students and teachers alike, are ready for the excitingly and busy term that lies ahead. The key focus in I.T has been to be as creative as possible in all the tasks that we take on. Creativity is defined as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something” and it has been lovely to watch our little digital minds get creative in their I.T lessons.

The Grade One group started off their Term 3 I.T adventures exploring the different parts of the computer. They have learnt how to create a document and how to successfully navigate through the computers desktop, seamlessly. 

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The Grade Two’s have been hard at work creating a poster and mastering their “two hand typing” skills. The main focus here for the learners has been to keep both hands on the keyboard at all time whilst writing the most beautiful short stories. We are looking forward to seeing some world famous writers come from this group of talented authors.

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The Grade Three focus has been on their “Outer Space” project coming up, in Term 3. We have been researching and researching some more! The Grade Three’s have had lessons on  Internet Safety and how important it is to be careful when searching online. They have been honing in their research skills and will soon have gathered all the information needed for their research project in class.


The Grade Four’s have been enjoying their new found iPads. They have grown tremendously with their iPad Skills and have seemingly hit the ground running. We have been getting creative with Keynote Presentations, even designing an Information Board for a Zoo! Whilst the Grade Four’s go ‘roaring’ on, we look forward to an exciting new chapter of Tynkr – a tile command based app, that will teach our Grade Four’s all about the possibilities of coding and commands. A very exciting time for these little legends!

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The Grade Five’s have placed their attention on extending their Tynkr skills and have been hard at work trying to get their commands knowledge to the best place it can be. These little boffins have impressed week in and week out and we look forward to tackling Swift Playgrounds, in grade 6!


The Grade 6s have been very busy with their S2 Robotics and Swift Playgrounds App. It is the first they have worked with Swift Playground’s and it has been wonderful to see the progress they have made in such a short time. The S2 Robotics program is another first for them, as they started this only this year.

Learners come to the IT centre where they have the wonderful opportunity and privilege to work with a Command-Based Robotics Program. Learners create command sequences on their desktops and transfer this to their S2 robot to perform. We are currently working on interior angle turns as well as Light & Sound sequences.  

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The Grade Seven’s, with their busy schedule and final year in primary school IT, have been hard at work creating a Pages poster on what leadership means to them. They have also been taking further strides in Swift Playgrounds where Logical Operators and Conditional Code have been the order of the day. In Robotics they have been working on using their skills to navigate through tricky maze-work tasks as well as designing a 3D arrow, using the S2 robots ability to draw.


We look forward to a CREATIVE and exciting term of I.T. as we take a step-by-step approach to learning and mastery of our devices. 

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