After a well-deserved holiday our Sunbirds are back in action and having more fun than ever! Pre-school campus is flooded with excited chatter and laughter as our children reconnect with their peers and teachers after three weeks away.


The Sunbirdie’s have had no problem remembering just why they love school so much as they gleefully tear around the playground and explore the new equipment and toys that have been set out for them.


This term promises to be a time of great exploration as our theme “A Wonderful World” sees us journey together to landscapes around the globe – from the depths of the ocean to the darkness of outer space!


We’ve begun our venture into the desert, which seems pretty fitting given the recent drought across South Africa. Our setwork book “Oscar and Hoo” is serving as a guide as we dip our toes in the sand and learn all about this desolate ecosystem.


In addition to an intriguing new theme, Term Three is chock-full of exciting experiences from new field trips, to dress-up days, to our very first assembly! We trust that you all had a wonderful break and are geared up for this awesome term!



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