Over the last few weeks much emphasise has been placed on Short Story writing in Grade Seven. In preparation for writing their own short stories, we focused on character development and analysed the parts of a short story. They kept journal entries daily, taking notes of others idiosyncrasies.


On Wednesday for Writers Day, the Grade 7s excitedly started working on their rough drafts of their own short story. You could see their creativity flowing with amazing examples of of figurative language and the evolution of quirky characters. Using a TAG lesson format, the class was split into groups. Groups rotated between writing their rough drafts, editing their work using a checklist with a buddy and playing a game “Story Cubes” using pictures to create a story on the spot. The quick thinkers enjoyed the rapid firing of words on the spot and they all had a good laugh at the often humorous stories created.

IMG_5990 IMG_5988

We certainly have some budding authors in our midsts here in Grade 7! The teachers cannot wait to read their final drafts.

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