The Grade 4s have had lots of fun this week learning about the world renowned Festival of Mardi Gras and how its was held annually in Fish Hoek during the 1960’s and 70’s. 

For many years if you had said “Mardi Gras” to anyone in the Cape Peninsula they would have replied “Fish Hoek”. The Mardi Gras Festival grew to be an annual event, drawing hundreds of people to watch the procession in Fish Hoek Main Road. It was started by Lynette Barling, who soon became known as “ Queen of the Mardi Gras”. 

The wearing of masks during a Mardi Gras celebration is common. Mardi Gras and masks go together like peanut butter and jelly; it’s hard to think about one without the other. Whether they cover the wearer’s eyes or whole face, masks add an element of mystery and intrigue when worn, especially around this particular festival. It’s safe to say that masks are one of our favourite Mardi Gras traditions and the Grade 4s got to test that out this week.

 In many countries, Mardi Gras masks all have a common theme: they are normally decorated in purple, green and gold. These masks are very elaborate and can be covered in glitter, sequins and beads. 

Our Grade 4s rose to the challenge of making their own Mardi Gras Mask’s from scratch and the final products are really festival worthy. Well done Grade 4s!

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