As a grade, we have had the privilege of collecting essential items for Sweetpeas Baby Care Packs. Sweetpeas is an amazing ministry that provides beautiful bags of everything you could possibly need when taking home a newborn. They visit the new moms at False Bay Hospital, who often have nothing but a blanket and a nappy to take their baby home in. Sweetpeas strives to meet with each mom, bless them with a pack, mentor them and do follow up visits when needed.


It is amazing to be part of something so life changing. We believe that by giving to this cause, we are affecting the lives of many. Our little bit, can do big things, by bringing some dignity to the beginning of these babies lives.

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In Grade 2 we teach our children that it is better to give than to receive, and we are so grateful for these generous hearts. Thank you moms and dads for your wonderful donations, and for allowing your children to spend their hard earned pocket money to make their own contributions.

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We hope you have an amazing long weekend, and we can’t wait to see our boys and girls on Monday!

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