Last week we introduced our Grade Ones to their third E-colour for the year, yellowThis E-colour symbolises the socialiser. 

IMG_2750 IMG_2753

Someone who is a dominant yellow E-colour, is someone who enjoys socialising with the people around them. The socialising part of your personality interacts and engages with others. We related this to our current set-work book, The Lorax. The Lorax enjoys socialising with the characters in the story and speaks for the trees. Socialisers are also great talkers!

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We applied our newly found knowledge of the socialiser by making Lorax mustaches. The children throughly enjoyed playing with their new creations and acting out the role of a socialiser.

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A reminder that our field trip to Kirstenbosch Gardens is on 20 August 2018 (1W and 1Hr) and 22 August 2018 (1Ha and 1R).

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